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26 September 2008 @ 11:42 am
So I made a myspace specifically for bands, photographers, online friends, etc. Feel free to add me. It's a work in progress and will feature any icons I make (when I finally find time to make them) as well as some regular pics like a normal myspace. I'm trying to keep my real life apart from my online life and this is the only way I know how to. Now when I say "work in progress" I MEAN work in progress. I haven't edited myspace profiles in over a year. I used to be able to set up a pretty good one in a short amount of time and it looked good and fine and all. But it's been so long I'm trying to go and find codes and how to do what and everything and I'm having a bit of trouble and it's looking like crap right now so feel free to give suggestions. As in tutorial links, etc. because it's just a hot mess right now. If anyone wouldn't mind giving me ideas on ways to fix it up or whatever that'd be great. Add me please.
11 July 2008 @ 04:23 pm
I hate doing this. I really do. Unfortunately, it's my job. i work with my parents seeing as no one is hiring right now sadly. It's a family owned business, Preferred Seating. We buy, sell and trade tickets to a large variety of shows all around the US. So here's why this is important: We've decided to make the move to myspace and facebook. My dad's great idea is to be the Tila Tequila of Ticket Companies basically. So my new job, instead of just answering the phones, making sales, and the usual office duties, is now to make a facebook and myspace account, add everyone, their mothers, and their favorite bands, clubs, and bars, and send out bulletins every now and then reminding those on our friends list what concerts are coming up that we are selling tickets for. It's fantastic. I'm now getting paid not only to be on myspace but to whore the entire account!
And I feel, even though I have no friends on here really, it is my duty to whore it a bit on here. A little pluggage. Keep in mind, I don't have the time to make a pretty layout for this myspace yet and honestly, I'm lazy to right now anyways. So it's basic myspace default. If anyone is willing to make one that'd be truly fantastic and I'd pay you back in hugs and kisses and comments on your lj describing the million ways I love you. But that's not something I'm going to beg for. My little request for you is to possibly plug it in your next post or possibly in a bulletin on myspace? If you really want, you can even go onto the official website and purchase tickets!
Other than this new little job title, nothing important to report in my life.

Facebook account coming soon.
Myspace is up and running!
Preferred Seating Myspace Page-Add us!
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07 July 2008 @ 04:06 pm
As if I've never had an LJ before. Forget the fact that it's been forever since I've updated it. Let's just say years. So why create a new one? Why not revamp the old one and use that? Because it has a lame username and my interests have completely changed since I was 14. Wow. So it's been at least 4 years. Fantastic. So going along with that, I figured a new LJ was needed. A fresh start. So then why am I even going back to LJ? I guess I miss having a part of me that's apart from the rest of me. Two worlds separated and only I understand and know them both. I used to have sites upon sites. Forums, MBS, HP fansites, etc. Somewhere along the lines that all stopped. I abandoned that part of me. Moved on. But I seem to have come back to it. Blame the english class I'm taking. It reminds me of blogs I used to have I guess. Writing for the sake of writing. No set course, the words simply going from my mind straight to my fingers without any time to question what I'm typing.
So now that my random explanation for the purpose of this blog is over, possibly an introduction. I'm Sabrina. I'm 18, a freshman at a junior college I'm unhappy to be at. Future film major. For now, I'm taking two years at a JC trying to do the best I can so I can transfer to either an art school and major in film or hopefully UCLA and major in film. Either one would be great, especially UCLA of course. My life is filled with friends who are more like family. Friends who have stuck with me through thick and thin. People I trust like no other. Either met through karate (which I did for 10 years, 2nd degree black belt) or through an entire lifetime of Catholic School (Besides attending a public jc right now, I have only been to public school for one year-4th grade). My friends are never over, seeing as I live 20 minutes away from all of them and gas is pricy so instead of all of them spending 20 minutes of gas to get here, only I have to spend 20 minutes of pricy gas to get to all of them seeing as they all live within 5 minutes of each other. Either way, some of them know me more than I know myself. TV and pop culture surrounds us. There have been movie nights, days spent watching hours and hours of Friends reruns, so many hours adding up to days, weeks spent, never wasted, in front of a screen. I mentioned Friends, let's just say it's an addiction. All things TV are to me, an addiction. Lost, Heroes, House, Friends, 30 Rock, Gilmore Girls, cartoons, live shows. Mainly, smart shows. Ones that, in their own ways, require thinking to understand completely. You learn through these shows even if you don't notice it. Not any of the OC crap where the main focus is teenage drama. I'm talking about shows with three-dimensional characters being acted by professionals, but not specifically stars. People who never seem to get the credit they deserve. People who once a week, drag you into a different world you only wish you could be a part of. But Friends is the anchor of the group. when I say "the group" I mainly mean my karate friends. If anything, they are my closest friends. Both groups know different sides of my. My school friends know a Sabrina that's a bit crazier, 100% obsessed with Gilmore Girls and Mariah Carey. My karate friends know a different me, but me still the same. I truly believe they know me better though, seeing as I see them more often, oddly enough. They've seen me hurt, angry, sad, happy, drunk, worried, and loving. They are who I compare the characters of Friends to. It's been decided: I am Monica. Not exactly though. I'm not a clean freak but when it comes to shoes and clothes, I organize closets with the best of them and I enjoy every minute of it. My friend, Lindsay, is the quirky, kinda crazy one: Phoebe. Kristen is 100% Rachel. She loves shopping more than anyone else I know AND she has a kid with her ex Nick, who in turn, is our own Ross. Then there's Alexo, who is like Joey, and Micah: Chandler. Both very funny guys. Alexo is the ladies man in a way. Most likely to actually use the phrase "How you doin?" on a girl. Except unlike Joey, he's more likely to commit and, thank god, IS committed to his amazingly awesome girlfriend. And Micah, interestingly enough, fits quite smoothly into the personality of Chandler. I say it's interesting because on Friends, Monica and Chandler end up together. Micah is actually my ex. But our case is different than that of the fictional couple. We're very much on and off. Currently off, obviously. I still find the whole comparison very interesting for all of us. How closely our group resembles that of the gang on actual tv is amazing. Unfortunately, not everyone fits into the group of six. There are many more friends that just are not compared to characters. But that's my friends in a nutshell.
As for me, I'm just your regular odd 18 year old, I guess. I'm determined, I'll do what I need to do to get what I really want. I'm stubborn, a trait I get from my mother. I'm often told I look like my father, but have the personality of my mother. I get along with my father like Harry Potter gets along with Snape. We've both learned to simply avoid each other most of the time. He doesn't agree with who I am, who I want to be. My mom and I are another matter. We get along but don't. There's no way to explain it.
So now that I've spent so long telling you guys about myself and a glimpse into my life, comment or whatever. I might start getting back into making icons and graphics and such. We'll see.
Oh yes, this journal will be Friends only after this post.

comment to be added. I'll add almost anyone but if you want to be added you have to answer these few questions first:
1. how do you know me/how did you find me?
2. name and age
3. tell me a little about yourself (could be a random fact about you, quirky trait, something interesting)
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